unimirUNIMIR-GROUP company was created in 2000 gathering the best engineering staff working within the field of environmental and commercial investment.

We focus on providing the customer with comprehensive services by advising, collecting deliveries and services.
Our knowledge and experience has been accumulated in the three strategic slogans:

The most important fields of our work are: Environmental Protection, Ecological Energy and Housing Construction.

The investment-capital market is dynamically developing and therefore we have a lot of ideas of combining research-development as well as investment-implementation projects with selected Investment Funds or customers who have financial reserves.

The economic changes before and after Poland joined the European Union triggered the need for implementation and investment services within the most neglected economic areas. Comprehensive service from the concept to the turn-key building has produced hundreds of successful projects.

Cooperation with various financial, scientific, local government and economic institutions enables us to work out innovative solutions that comply with the latest technology, as well as the most profitable financing, and also taking into consideration the potential of Union subsidies within the aforementioned scope.

Seeing the dynamic growth of the investment market in Poland we encourage you to work with us.

Best regards,